Presentation and history

FRANCE TURBOT ICHTUS specializes in turbot (Psetta maxima) hatching and rearing. Products are harvested, packaged and commercialized based on strict standards that comply with exclusive Label Rouge (Red Label) specifications. In addition to this production, the company commercializes a range of premium-quality seafood products for export, under the brand name "L’Alliance du Goût".

LOCATION: L’Epine, on Noirmoutier Island (85). Trédarzec in the Côtes d’Armor (22).
TYPE OF PRODUCTION: Hatchery and nursery Turbot pre-rearing and rearing
• Noirmoutier: on-land pen production, supplied by saline groundwater.
• Trédarzec: on-land pens. Rearing site use a recycled system (pilot set up in 1999 to optimize fish living conditions and to minimize environmental impact).
SPECIES: Turbot (Psetta maxima)
ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 400 t capacity.

Additional informations: presentation sheet (PDF) - Japanese version: presentation sheet (PDF)